How You Can Participate


Nominate people or organizations who are heroes in your neighborhood.

Fill out the nomination form here

Mediamakers (Photographers/Filmmakers/Journalists)

Connect us to local professionals who would like to participate by profiling a hero.

Fill out the participation form here.

Neighborhood Leaders

Be the organizer to bring Community Heroes, NYC to your neighborhood.

Email us at

Exhibition Space

Provide space to display this exhibition. Our hope is that the space be a widely accessible outdoor public space.

Financial Contribution

Sponsor a neighborhood banner, or contribute to the production (equipment rental, printing, installation, website maintenance costs) of this project.

Make a donation here.

Donations are tax deductible. 


If there are any other ways you envision participating, please reach out! It takes the whole neighborhood to produce this neighborhood project and we’d love to have you involved.

To Participate, Please Contact

Jasmin Chang
Jasmin Chang
Darrell Cheng
Darrell Cheng
Zac Martin
Zac Martin