Photos from Coming Full Circle (Aqueduct Walk)

The unveiling of the public art exhibition — Coming Full Circle, Practices of Resilience took place on Saturday December 4th at Roscoe Brown Plaza on Aqueduct Walk.

The Friends of Aqueduct Walk History Working Group has been working towards this exhibition for the past few years and were excited to unveil and share with the community.

Coming Full Circle: Practices of Resilience is a public art exhibition featuring photographs from the community and from historical archives about Aqueduct Walk and the surrounding community. Join Friends of Aqueduct Walk to celebrate with speakers, light refreshments, an art tour as well as a health & wellness fair.

Exhibition Curator’s Statement

The Aqueduct Walkway is a beautiful natural reminder of New York City’s resilience. The COVID-19 Pandemic drastically altered New York City.  While we mourn the many losses that the pandemic has inflicted, we see visions of resilience in the Bronx and around the world.

The Friends of Aqueduct Walk community coalition has been a support to those vulnerable to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  They engage the families and under-resourced individuals in the Bronx community as well as its surroundings of beautiful parks. The Bronx is emerging stronger and greater!  The Bronx will bounce back, for everything “Comes Full Circle.”  And we must look to God for hope in the future.

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