Red Hook Reporters: A Place to Get Away

By Lavel McLellan (14) and Jahtier Gettes (16)

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What’s your story?

LM: The story I’m working on is about the library. Most people don’t talk about the library but it’s here for a reason and I want to let people know about it.

The library is not only for education, but it helps people’s lives and careers. Some of the people that work here are actually very interested in helping kids not only because it’s their job, but because they really care.

I usually take my brothers here once in awhile because I want them to get out of the area that they are usually in. “The ghetto” or a place that it’s always violent. I don’t want them to get into stuff like that.

What was something surprising you found?  

LM: All the new clubs that they have. Kids are going to start learning about circuits and how to build robots.

JW: Based off experience of coming here, people come to relax and chill and get their head out of any problems that they have. It’s just a place to get away if there’s something stressful that’s happening at your house. You can come to the library, read a book or go on the computer and just relax.

What’s your next story?

LM: It’s kind of hard to think about because there is so much to report on. I would do a story on someone that’s been around for a long time like Karen Blondel because she knows so much about the area.

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