Red Hook Reporters: Cops and Kids

By Sincere Lesane (16) and Jahtier Gettes (16)

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What’s your story?

SL: I am working on the cop story, about how they affect our community and their opinion on the community. It’s important to me because after going through a mentorship program with them, I still keep in touch with them on my phone and see them everyday.

JW: How the cops affect the community and how people react when they see the cops.

What’s something that surprised you?

SL: Since I’ve known them for a long time, I wasn’t very surprised. But I was surprised that they were so easygoing when I went into the police department. They even invited me to have some pizza.

What’s your next story?

SL: I think it’s about a dinosaur. I saw a dinosaur next to the pier and took a picture of that. I want to do a story about where they came from.

How was this experience for you guys?

JW: It was something different, something to get out of the house.

SL: This is a good experience for me to get out of my comfort zone in a dark room in my house, watching TV and playing games.

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