Red Hook Reporters: Reimagining Warehouses

By Shamiyah Gilmore (16) and Joanne Bresilien (18)

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What’s your story?

SG: Our story is about abandoned warehouses and buildings in Red Hook.

JB: How we got started is that we’ve lived in Red Hook all our lives. We’ve always seen the warehouses and no one has ever talked about them, or done anything with them to help the community.

SG: I was curious about the buildings because they’re just there to be there. So, we got started because we’re curious

What is something surprising you learned?

JB: We were surprised that someone actually let us go inside.

I learned that the reason that they don’t destroy the buildings and make them into something new is because it’s too much money for them to clean up. Nobody wants to buy a building and then have to clean it up. They just want to buy something that is already clean, and then they can build it into something new.

SG: That the abandoned chemical factory was actually a flavor factory. Like, who needs a flavor factory in the middle of Red Hook? We could actually use these buildings for something beneficial for the community.

What would you like to see these buildings be used for?

SG: I understand it’s expensive, but they could be beneficial to the community by being a supermarket. That’s something that can help the residents of Red Hook.

JB: Definitely a supermarket! There’s only C-Town and Fairway but it’s not enough and it’s not close to where everybody else lives. Also more affordable housing. There are not enough buildings or homes in Red Hook that people can afford.

What’s your next story?

SG: It’s about the private schools in the middle of a neighborhood like Red Hook that is in need. Why are we having these big private schools that children need to pay to get in (or have a scholarship to get in) in the middle of an neighborhood that needs resources?

JB: Kids from all over the city come into Red Hook to go to these schools, but none of the kids who live in Red Hook can go to them because they’re too expensive.

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