Red Hook Reporters: Young at Heart

By Shaiann Gilmore (17), Jocelyn Romero (17), Vaughn Branchel (18)

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What’s your story?

SG: I am reporting a story on the senior center in Red Hook. I never knew that the senior center was destroyed by Sandy and had to relocate afterwards. I also got interested in this story because of my grandma. My grandma is crazy, but I love my grandma.

What surprised you?

SG: Visiting the senior center was one of the best things ever. It was so fun and also so funny. I got to hear other people’s stories and what it was for them to grow up, not just in Red Hook but all over. It’s always good to hear other people’s stories because you never know where they come from. You have similarities and you can connect to people.

It was just fun to watch the elderly people. For them to be elderly, they had a lot of youth in them. Really good energy and good vibes. They were so funny. I just loved it.

Also, it really was surprising that elderly people still date. I guess love knocks everything out. They still do things that younger people do because it makes them happy and keeps them young.

What’s your next story?

SG: Probably about the Red Hook Farm. I judged the book by its cover because I didn’t understand why this was a farm. Now that we’ve visited, it surprised me that people are in there by choice. They actually like to grow stuff. It’s a good form of discipline and it teaches you patience when you start to see things grow from so small to something large.

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