Community Photo Booth by Luis Santana

at St. Andrews Playground / Kingston Park
Thank you for stopping by the Community Photo Booth at Make A Way Out Community Day on Saturday September 25!


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When posting these photos, please credit the photographer Luis Santana (IG: @luissantanaaaa | Website:
Photo booth hosted by

Luis Santana

Luis Santana is a 27-year-old, New York native. ``I approach photography with the sole intention of highlighting people that represent life in the city at its core while concurrently revealing the genuine connections I cultivated between the subjects and myself.`` Portrait by Shravya Kag

Photos by Anjelic Owens
For additional photos of the day, click HERE.

MAKE A WAYOUT COMMUNITY DAY (M.A.W.) is a collaboration effort between No Gun Smoke School Tour Inc., Community Heroes, Her-King Alagantic Block Association, and Friends of St. Andrews Playground that will be held on September 25, 2021 from 10- 11:30 a.m. at Kingston Park (St. Andrews Playground). M.A.W. will include a panel discussion titled “Safety, Resources and De-criminalization of Youth” which will be moderated by DalaeJa Foreman and Ms. Fabio (Deputy Superintendent of District 16) with Mrs. Sharon Odwin (Principal of P.S. 308), Kesha Townsel (Assistant Principal of P.S. 5) Brian Benn (Factory Boutique), Stefanie Zinnerman (New York State Assembly of district 56), Jason Martin (Lawyer), Anthony Rico (Lawyer), Henry Butler (Community Advocate), Tremaine Wright (Community Advocate and former New York State Assembly) and Antoine Cassidy (No Gun Smoke School Tour Inc.). Panelists will discuss ways to increase safety within the community and what services are available to help mediate concerns. They will also discuss the controversial topic of the criminalization of youth and how to change the narrative to guide them to be productive members of society.