A community organizing and public art project celebrating everyday heroes in New York City, neighborhood by neighborhood.

It is a way for communities to….

Celebrate residents who strengthen and support their neighborhood

Invite local artists and storytellers to document and showcase neighborhood stories through a public art project

Listen to neighbors through active outreach

Celebrate and gather together

Organize a working group of storytellers, community members, organizations, faith leaders, educators, historic and new residents

Local community groups and local artists work together through community meetings, a nomination process, and storytelling sessions to produce a public art exhibition.

Community Heroes works by...

Step 1

Being invited by an individual or a group to envision the project in their neighborhood

Step 2

Working together to engage with and listen to neighbors through active outreach and civic participation

Step 3

Inviting local artists to document neighborhood stories

Step 4

Showcasing their artwork in a public art exhibition & gathering to celebrate it

Community Heroes projects have been created in many neighborhoods.

The Community Heroes Team

Community Heroes is organized and produced by Photoville and Trellis, proudly supported by PhotoWings and Partnerships for Parks.

The Community Heroes team includes the co-founders of the project (Jasmin Chang and Zac Martin) as well as organizations Photoville and Trellis.


Jasmin Chang is a Taiwanese American artist and organizer who was raised in southern California and moved to New York City over 10 years ago. She is the co-founder of of Community Heroes and the co-lead artist of the Winston-Salem Portrait Project. She was Deputy Director of Community and Education for Photoville, creating youth and educator programs for the first 10 years of the organization. She is a member of Friends of Commodore Barry Park and serves on the board of the Fort Greene Park Conservancy.

Activist, youth and community organizer, Zac Martin‘s focus is working with, learning from and advocating for Black and Brown youth, public housing residents and the homeless in his community. Zac is also the paster of justice and mercy at Recovery House of Worship in downtown Brooklyn.

Photoville amplifies visual storytellers and connects them to a worldwide diverse audience through its free photo festival and year-round activation of public spaces and educational community programming.

Trellis is a community development nonprofit that helps neighborhoods address injustice through building and maintaining collaboration around advocacy and action.

Catalyst, a program of Partnerships for Parks (PfP), harnesses the resources of City Parks Foundation, NYC Parks, and local partners to strengthen and center community building around improving high needs parks in historically underserved neighborhoods.

PhotoWings highlights & helps facilitate the power of photography to be better understood, created, utilized, seen, and saved.

Thank You

Neighborhood Partners

Fort Greene
Ingersoll Tenants Association
Farragut Tenants Association
Atlantic Terminal Tenants Association
the Bronx
Bed Stuy / Crown Heights
Red Hook


Our collaborators, connectors and brainstormers, without you this project would not be where it is:

Darrell Cheng, Ivan Valladares, Alexis Lambrou, Tracey Pinkard, Korly DeVries, Shawana Ryals, Shaquana Boykin, Karen Thompson, Zoe L. Meeks, Julie Raskin, Jessica Sucher, Laura Roumanos, Sam Barzilay, Dave Shelley, Janna Starr, Kristin Brenneman Eno, Ted Enoch, David Barker, Julian Macrone, Thais Reis-Henrie


Community Heroes is supported in part by The Berk Foundation, Humanities New York Action Grant, the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC), as well as many organizations, neighbors and friends.


Apostles Brooklyn, Liberty City, Trinity Grace Church Park Slope, Bindery, The Bridge Church, Lauren Pond, Habiba Simjee, Kush Patel, Andria Seo & Ray Su, Sarah Yoon, Chris and Annmarie Koshak, Anastasia Soetanto, Stephen and Jenie Hanano, Krystal Grow, Alexandra Roche, Manisha Munshi, Marian Wang, Morgan Cruz, Caroline Park, Dana Krieger, Jessica Olah, Stephanie Kim and Jason Yow, Kisha Bari and Peter Fedak, Rebecca Stevens, Jennifer Giuliano, Kiira Benzing, Julia Chu, Alexis Percival, Korly DeVries and Joshua Levi, Brian Oei, Carol Fung, Shelly, Karen Thompson, and many more!

We are seeking partners to make this project available to new neighborhoods. Please reach out and join us!