Fort Greene

Sheryl Kesha Morse

Each community or environment has people that set an inspiring tone. For Fort Greene, Ms. Kesha Morse is that person.


Ms. Kesha Morse is president of the North Elliott Block Association, the first female president of the Federation of Black Cowboys, and active in Friends of Commodore Barry Park. Ms. Kesha Morse was born and raised in Fort Greene with her sister and brother and has always been a motherly figure to her younger sister. With all strong Black women, a beautiful family follows behind, Kesha is a grandmother and great-grandmother to her ‘big stinkas and little stinkas’.

Ms. Sheryl Kesha Morse is a great influencer and amazing mentor to young Black women about their beautiful Blackness, assisting them to have a different attitude towards their jobs. Kesha has contributed to her community in many ways. She gained a grant to purchase chairs and tables for community meetings. Serving as president for her co-op, she negotiated with contractors to get her buildings bills caught up to ensure continued service. She secured a $500,000 grant to replace the development’s roofing, and most importantly secured $3.4 million for major renovation to the development.


Kesha is a strong Black woman who is a leader to many. She is a no-nonsense person, knowledgeable, radiates with extreme power, knows how to bring people together and sure does know how to have fun. She feels that the community has changed a lot for the better, the residents are making sure their needs are addressed and finally standing for what they need. 


At times like these we all need wise advice from people like Ms. Morse and good thing we have it. From Ms. Morse to our community: “Enjoy your youth, get involved within our

 Community.” About our community’s downfalls: “Hang in there, don’t be discouraged and always remember that your vote does matter.” We thank you Ms. Morse for being such a kind and loving leader.

Portrait by

Mariana Vincenti Urdaneta

Mariana Vincenti Urdaneta is a Venezuelan visual journalist. “I moved to the US about 5 years ago and this neighborhood is where I learned to adapt to the US and New York culture, thanks to the vibrant community, I found in the place I now call home.”

Text by

Amyiah Harris

Amyiah Harris is 16 years old, and an aspiring model and doctor. “I live in Fort Greene and I love hearing about all the people who made a big impact on my community.”

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