Fort Greene

Gotham Health Cumberland Core Team

What does it mean to go above and beyond? Ms. Clarke and her colleagues’ selfless characteristics can show people that actions in consideration for others can bring prosperity to the community. Ms. Clarke is the Executive Director of the COVID-19 testing staff at Gotham Health Cumberland. As a leader, she manages a large-scale team of nurses who conduct the vaccinations, navigators, managers, and the appropriate workers to make sure the clinic runs efficiently. In her earlier years, she ran a health center for adolescents, and while working there, she learned that the community was in need of preventive care. Now she walks down a pathway of educating others and helping the community understand that “these healthcare services are here for them.”

Left to right: Mervin DeCosta, Paula Montaque, Nickiesha James, Michel Clarke, Dr. Cynthia Boakye, Linda Phinazee, Miguel Rivera, Reginald Pierre, Joanie Valentin

Ms. Clarke emphasized how she is not alone and her team is the reason for the positive outcomes within the community. “My favorite part is the team, just everyday solving problems together and seeing the impact of our dedication to the same cause really is the best part of coming to work,” said Ms. Clarke. Her team was extraordinary throughout the pandemic as they set up many testing sites and opened 24-hour vaccine clinics throughout the community. She prioritized informing her patients about the vaccine in concern for communities that lacked proper information. Her team is also improving its services through the implementation of virtual programs. The kindness of Ms. Clarke and her team is endless as they plan to find more ways to accommodate their patients and make healthcare accessible for their community. 

Portrait by

Yu-Chen Chiu

Yu-Chen Chiu is a lens-based artist currently living in Brooklyn, NY. She takes a poetic approach to tell stories about migration and belonging. Born and raised in Taiwan, she has spent half her life in the United States.

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Noshaabah Murad

Noshaabah Murad is currently a student seeking to learn more about the members of our community. “As I interact with the people in our community, I grow as a person.”

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