Fort Greene

Eric Frazier

Born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, Eric Frazier studied Africana studies, economics and sociology and began his professional life as an educator. As a school principal, he aimed to be a role model to the full school community.

After being diagnosed and then healed of cancer, he began writing books, playing and recording music. In 2000, he released the #1 jazz CD in America. Though he was quickly gaining international recognition, he realized that he had to get back to his community and he made the decision to stop travelling in order to play locally. 

His long-standing dream had been to have a jazz festival in his own neighborhood park which has been frequented by many legendary writers and artists. So in July 2010, he founded the Fort Greene Park Jazz Festival bringing live jazz and world class musicians to the park a few times a year. Frazier also organizes jam sessions around the city and produces a show for BRIC TV called “Cultural Spectrums & Jazz Pearls.”

When he creates music, it’s for the people embedded with messages such as “Count your Blessings”, and “In Your Own Time.” His advice for artists is “Connect with organizations that are doing positive things. Start relationships and do shows that uplift the people.” 


The Fort Greene Park Jazz Festival takes place twice a year in Fort Greene Park.

Portrait by

Carey Wagner

Carey Wagner is a documentary photographer, filmmaker and educator with a background as a newspaper photojournalist. Her focus is on human rights, especially pertaining to women and girls. She loves the outdoors and often walks in nearby Fort Greene Park, wishing she had a dog.

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