Fort Greene

Dr. Yvrose Pierre

“Even if it feels like everything is going wrong there is still something going right.”  This sentiment is what drives Dr. Yvrose Pierre in her roles as a mom to a daughter with a hearing impairment, principal at P.S. K753 – School for Career Development, district supervisor and advocate for students with special needs.

Pierre was born in Haiti to a family that prioritized education, hard work and raised by her immigrant family in the Brooklyn public education system.  Now with multiple degrees and a doctorate, Pierre knows the in’s and outs of the education system, regulations, policies and laws and works hard to make them work well and fairly for students in special education.  A woman who will not accept the status quo but who is always eager to rally people around her and bring them along, Yvrose wants everyone to find their strength so they can reach the next level.  Through helping build a skills and career based education, the school is seeing students passionate to come to school to learn and hundreds earning their regent diplomas. Dr. Pierre believes it’s not about you or I, but about what we are doing together to help these students with special needs have a safe and not second best education.  Yvrose exudes passion for what she does and loves to make a difference in the lives of the students and families of her school.

Portrait by

Lauren Crothers

Lauren Crothers is an Irish/Australian reporter and photojournalist now living in Fort Greene after seven years based in Cambodia. Her work focuses on human rights, marginalized communities and other social issues.

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Anders Jones

Anders Jones has lived in the Ft Greene / Clinton Hill neighborhood for over 20 years. His present multidisciplinary practice uses photography, video and other media to encourage viewers to think critically, question and dialogue about the importance of community, urban renewal and the ways neighborhoods might be transformed for the benefit of all without totally obliterating its roots.

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