Fort Greene


From Moshood’s customers and and community: 

“Moshood is Brooklyn. This place means original Brooklyn. It represents the core of the community.” 

“Family. Art. Spirit of the neighborhood. Deep community. Deep in culture. Ancestral” 

“It’s home. This is my house. It’s a university where you interact with people of different cultures.”

“The door is open 7 days a week. It is a spot where you can stop by and get the feel of the neighborhood.”

“He’s been here a long time. He’s the only African clothing store at this level. 

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria Moshood arrived to make his mark in New York in the early 1980’s. After years of tireless effort and hard work he opened his boutique at 698 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, New York. This year marks the 25th anniversary of his flagship Brooklyn Store. Moshood’s timeless pieces bring together the traditional beauty of Afrikan tailoring and a taste of western flavor. The name MOSHOOD/Afrikan spirit has become synonymous with a style that personifies the “spirit” of Afrikan pride, and his designs have been embraced around the world. 

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Portrait by

Victor G Thomas

In his travels, he’s been in the craziest places and met the most interesting characters. What comforts him is knowing that, wherever life takes him, his roots are in Fort Greene and his family's legacy grounds him.

Thank you to Bendino, James, Madam Zo, Pena Verde and many others for sharing about Moshood. 

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