Project Description

Ebay Covington always dedicates his energy “in house,” toward lifting up his community. He is constantly curious, asking questions and looking around toanticipate need. Having grown up in Fort Greene, he considers the negative he contributed in his youth, and constantly strives to switch that to positive. He wants the youth around him to enjoy their childhood, so anything he gets his hands on goes to them first.
His current projects are fixing the Whitman basketball court to have a summer tournament and setting up a senior station in the Ingersoll Community Center.
Ebay’s invitation: Come ask questions. Deal with what’s around you and consider your home a place to invest your talents, not just a place to rest from your work day.

Photography by Diane Hu, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Brooklyn.

Words by Jasmin Chang, a multidisciplinary producer who loves finding connections with people through art.