Fort Greene

Emily Ann Myrick

“A mother to all” is how one of Mrs. Emily Ann Myrick’s grandchildren described her. Whether it was dressing and feeding local school children at PS 46 or caring for all 22 of her children and grandchildren, Mrs. Myrick was a true believer in the magic of helping. Born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1928, Mrs. Myrick immigrated to Williamsburg at age 7 with only a bus ticket. After marrying her husband, George Myrick, they moved to Fort Greene and together had all their children. Her husband tragically died when 10 of them were still minors. As if raising 22 kids wasn’t enough of a challenge for her, she went on to obtain her masters degree at the age of 71. Education was a major theme of her life, with her working as a guidance counselor at PS 46. Being educated was very important to her, with her pushing its importance to everyone close. She was also president of Fort Greene Houses for many years. Other values that she held close were respect and an unwavering belief in God.

It is remarkable to see such a large family still close and together, with the love and respect that she imparted on her family so clear to the eye. The family has great memories of going to Bear Mountain and Sebago Beach, catching tadpoles in Prospect Park and playing baseball. Just for that she is sensational, but combined with the enormous effort that she put into her community, her family and herself, she is a true legend.

Portrait by

Leslie Silva

Leslie Silva is a multi medium artist living in Fort Greene for the past 13 years.

Text by

Lucca Granelli

Lucca Granelli is a 15-year old Brooklyn Tech Student. Although he lives in Midwood, he works, goes to school and spends his free time in Fort Greene.

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