Fort Greene

Fort Greene Farragut Old Timers Day

Family, Unity, Reunion, Longevity, Community, Love, Youth

People fly in from all over the country to attend Old Timers Day, which has grown from 175 attendees in 2007 to over 3000, filling up the entire park. The primary mission is to demonstrate unity and to support the community. Every year, they donate to a local youth organization such as the Ingersoll Youth program, Church of the Open Door’s Ambassadors for Christ, Ms. K’s Dance Academy, Kids in Crossfire, and college funds for local youth such as I-shamell Mitchell.

“For the first reunion, we started with a small grill and boombox. We pooled our resources together for day one.” — Saleem Ali (Chairperson and Community Connections)

“Everyone said we couldn’t bring Fort Greene and Farragut together, but we did and we’ve been going strong for 11 years.” — Dexter “Sha-D” Climer (Entertainment, Food and Security) 

“We couldn’t stop it because this event is bringing all God’s children together.” — Diana “DianBlue” Blue (Chaplain and Recording Secretary)

“Every time I come here, I see a face I haven’t seen since kindergarten. We come from all walks, but in the park, we are all one.” — Russell “Rusty” Taylor (Promoter and Social Media)

“I push hard for us to be the best we can be. I do it because I love it.” — Venita “Nitagirl” Mabra (Treasurer)

“When we got together with old friends, it was always for a funeral, but this is a joyful occasion.” — Deborah Murray-Jones (Co-Chairperson, Procurement, Donations, and Shopping)

In memory of planning committee members Alphonso “Cheeze” Atkins”, James “Junebug” Kearse and Marsha Mcbeth. 

To support Old Timers Day, please make a donation to Fort Greene-Farragut Old-Timers Committee at P.O. Box 23476, Brooklyn, NY 11202. 

Portrait by

Juquai McDuffie

Juquai McDuffie sees photography as a gift of reliving a moment in time when time is a luxury that stands still for no one. Having spent the majority of his 20 years in Brooklyn, he is proud his community is developing all the time in a positive direction and ecstatic to immortalize community heroes through images.

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