Fort Greene

Jermaine ‘Maine’ Brown


Jermaine ‘Maine’ Brown, raised in Lafayette Gardens, Brooklyn, was a basketball coach and mentor for his community. Everyone knew Maine, as he was always there for the youth, pushing them to reach their childhood dream of playing in the NBA. His passion for coaching translated on the courts, from winning PSAL championships to collecting trophies in top-level high school tournaments all over the country. There was no shortage of his success, as he coached notable players Lance Stephenson and Isaiah Whitehead, who both reached the NBA.

Maine was also well known for his commentary. He would organize tournaments for the kids of the Farragut Housing community, offering an environment safe for competition. One of his famous catchphrases was “Facts”, a word which he used on the mic. His electrifying commentary reached far and wide attracting fans from all over the city, making the tournament a staple of the Fort Greene area. 


Unfortunately, this community hero had passed away. Without Maine, players have lost an important path to attaining their goal of reaching the pros. Today, ‘The Maine Event’ tournament is where top players across the city travel to show their skills out on the concrete. Players, fans, and family all appreciate the service which Jermaine Brown has done for this community. 

Portrait by

Ketriana Yvonne

Ketriana Yvonne is a Fort Greene native, poet, host and producer of the “Ketriana Yvonne Show” on Brooklyn Arts Media Free Speech. She serves as County Committee member for 57 Assembly 44 Election District and on the Intergenerational Community Arts Council.

Text by

Rayan Maad

Rayan Maad is a student at Brooklyn Technical High School, here in Fort Greene.

A special thank you to Robert Brown, Maine’s nephew, for sharing his story.
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