Fort Greene

Ketriana Yvonne

Life is like shiny sequins, sometimes flashy most times you lose some pieces…Like the fabric of life in spite of a few tugs that leave a space or two without sequins. I still maintain and shine just the same.” This was the metaphor used in Ketriana Yvonne’s book, Sequin Soul: Poetry from the Spirit. Previously in Patient Services, Community Outreach, and a Marketing Specialist for Brooklyn plaza medical center, Ketriana is now fully immersed in all creative things having become an inspiring poet, writer, and community influencer as a large part of her community arts and media institutions. She uses her words and ideas as her tool and hopes to pull people out of their struggles and fears. In a world full of negativity, Ketriana had become part of the bright sun of her surroundings.

Ketriana’s experience in first taking a New York Writers Coalition Writing Workshop and becoming a Certified Brooklyn Free Speech Producer led to her winning two B Free Awards for “Poetry for Change ” and “Community Gardens”. This experience allowed her to become a Workshop Leader during Covid -19 and is now to her own Sequin Soul Spirit Writers Workshop. Ketriana has been featured in the Fort Greene Poetry Festival, many open mics, and other talents of her own TV Show. As Host and Producer of “The Ketriana Yvonne Show “and now her Podcast “Like It Was Veterans Tales”, she is able to use her own platform to share her ideas. This led to her becoming a County Committee Member and Judicial Delegate for the 57th District of Fort Greene.

By first finding ways to improve her writing and speaking skills, Ketriana was then able to contribute to her community in many areas. In a world where negative voices are so loud, it is hard for people to be the bright sun in their own life, yet people like Ketriana are not giving up on helping the people in her community. As time goes on, Ketriana hopes to use her gifts to let more people know that they are not alone and never have to be afraid of what the crowd has to say. Ketriana has been a beacon of light and a pillar of hope in Fort Greene and for that we thank you!

Portrait by

Diana Cervantes

Diana Cervantes is an Independent Visual Journalist based in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. Her personal projects focus on unique human animal bonds, the environment and conservation efforts.

Text by

Yuxuan Lin

Yuxuan Lin is a sophomore at Stuyvesant High school who enjoys painting, designing, and listening to music.

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