Bed Stuy

Marion Little

Mr. Marion Little, the inspirational voice of the Park, Arts & Culture committee. As a lifelong resident of Bedford-Stuyvesant, he’s aware of the ins and outs of his community.  As a child, he would help seniors with their groceries and would get the newspaper for seniors on Sundays if they needed help. Although he also got into trouble as a child, growing up in his community taught him and changed him; it made him want to positively give back to his community. He understands what the people need and what he can offer so that these improvements are seen. He’s known as a kind, understanding, trustworthy and hardworking man who wants to be fair to the members of his community. 


“Work with the community for the community”.

As a chair member of the Park, Arts & Culture committee and the Block Association, he helped to organize Youth Conferences, which were annual events in the early 2000’s. With these conferences, the youth of the community are able to listen to the inspirational speeches of those who were once in their positions but were able to grow and improve as a being. According to Mr. Little, small but important improvements were seen, some of the youth became more involved with the community and their schools. Having a voice in your community is very important and Mr. Little understands that very well. The most rewarding part of his work is being able to remind his community that they have a voice and that they matter.

Portrait by

Alassane Sy

Alassane Sy is a Fine Art and Fashion Photographer, I work with film cameras. I live in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. My work is about showcasing human beauty and confidence through my 35mm. I volunteered on the project because I l always wanted to photograph elder people and heroes that made a huge impact in my community.

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Sashana Kinghorn Bodley

Sashana Kinghorn Bodley is a high school senior on her way to pursue her future career. She has a love for music, new opportunities and experiences.

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