Fort Greene

Tracey L. Pinkard

Tracey L. Pinkard is a long time resident of Gowanus Houses and the co-founder of Gowanus Houses Arts Collective. GHAC reaches neighborhood teens through the arts and connects them with local artists. As a community leader, she currently serves as the vice President of Gowanus Houses Residents Association. She is also the Parent Coordinator at Brooklyn Collaborative School a public 6 -12 grade school located in Carroll Garden. She has three children: Tamara, Dior and Jalen.

Tracey is a positive staple in the community and a beautiful person. She brings amazing leadership and self-less kindness to everything she does, whether leading a hundred high-school students in a march to mail their college apps, or being a part of resident council meetings to voice the needs of the community. She works tireless and goes above and beyond her powers to help young and old in the neighborhood to have many options in achieving goals they felt that they didn’t have. Most of all she practice sC.P. R.(Courteous, Professionalism and Respect). Tracey is a loving and strong women that can do anything that she sets out to do.

Portrait by

Diane Hu

Diane Hu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Brooklyn.

Portrait by

Anders Jones

Anders Jones has lived in the Ft Greene / Clinton Hill neighborhood for over 20 years. His present multidisciplinary practice uses photography, video and other media to encourage viewers to think critically, question and dialogue about the importance of community, urban renewal and the ways neighborhoods might be transformed for the benefit of all without totally obliterating its roots.

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