Fort Greene

Albert Wilklow

As a 6th generation farmer, you might know Albert Wilklow by his last name. His family works together to maintain Wilklow orchard. The Wilklows also provide produce ranging from blackberries to plum, but they are best known for their over 50 varieties of apples and amazing apple cider. 

The farm was what Albert Wilklow knew his entire life like his parents, grandparents, great grandparents and beyond. Albert’s entire childhood was on the farm, working alongside his dad and grandparents on tractors. His entire family has worked hard to maintain and build on this orchard. When asked about how the farm has changed, Albert amusingly pointed out the liveliness of community dinners and even music events every Friday.

What ties this farm 90 miles away to our community at Fort Greene? Let’s start from the beginning. In 2003, Fort Greene’s weekly farmers market opened up. Albert and his family were amongst the first farmer stands and the Wilklow Orchard is still here. In fact, Albert says that they will hit the 20 year mark in May of 2023. For the last 20 years, Albert has been serving this community by traveling anywhere averaging from 2-3 hours weekly to bring produce into our stands. When prompted about the neighborhood, Albert was nothing short of grateful, repeatedly describing Fort Greene as one of the “friendliest” neighborhoods. He adds that he has been so thankful for the neighbors still showing up for him over the pandemic. The change in protocols and rules had made it more difficult and less interactional than before. However, he still sees the same people every Saturday supporting the Orchard.

Albert calls the Fort Greene farmer’s market as a “safe space and a second home.” 

Portrait by

Dom Jackson

Dom Jackson is a self-taught photographer living in Brooklyn, NY.

Text by

Fionna Shi

Fionna Shi is a junior at Brooklyn Tech in the Law & Society major and Fort Greene community lover.

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