Fort Greene

Beatrice Sheftall

There are many people in life that we aspire to be and one person that we should be following in the footsteps of is Beatrice Sheftall. Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia with her 9 siblings, Ms. Sheftall was born to be a great everlasting leader that would leave a huge impact on her family and the community. Beatrice Sheftall gave birth to 6 kids that she raised to be as humble and loving as her. She was tough but also loving, she made sure everyone had their roles such as sweeping and/or being a wall washer, she kept her house clean and even the hallways of her floor. Ms. Sheftall made it known loud and clear that education was essential and mandatory. She was a mentor to many, always assisting and passing on her wisdom. Her family and her grandkids were extremely dear to her and always kept a smile on her face. Ms. Sheftall loved showing love in her own very special way of cooking, which brought together many and filled the bellies of many more. Doing what many have not done, Ms. Sheftall went on to get her Associates Degree and that became one of her proudest moments. 

Beatrice Sheftall has helped put many political members in their seats and secure funds that helped the Fort Greene Educational Committee. Ms. Sheftall knew the power of prayer, was an advocate for those who were not heard loud and clear enough, a home for those who had nowhere to go and a nurturer, defender, and rebel. She was a fashionista who made sure to show out when needed to and passed along her great sense of style to her kids and grandkids. Beatrice Sheftall was a pillar of the community who had an intimidating personality but also a heart that warmed many. Not only did she feed people her meals, she fed them her knowledge and wisdom. Our community lost a great one, someone that wasn’t afraid to show love and advocate for the ones that needed to be listened to, someone that was a protector and knew the power of prayer. To continue her legacy her family wants us to keep her lifted, implement programs to keep our young ones off the street, and share her wise words with the rest of our community. From the words of our stylish Beatrice Sheftall “You may have a friend. You may have another. Your best friend is your mother.” Rest In Peace Ms. Beatrice Sheftall.

Portrait by

Regan Sommer McCoy

Regan Sommer McCoy is a NYC-based curator, community archivist, and Chief Curator of The Mixtape Museum, an initiative that encourages the research, archiving, preservation, and data analysis of mixtapes and Hip Hop. She lives in Harlem and works in Fort Greene.

Text by

Amyiah Harris

Amyiah Harris is an 18-year-old future nurse. “I love to write, I love volunteering in my community.”

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