Fort Greene

Edna Grant

Edna Grant is a long time resident of Ingersoll Houses since 1959 who has taken on a breadth of roles in the care and support of the community. Ms. Grant took part in organizing and was the president of the Ingersoll Community Garden, which beautifies the area and provides produce for the community. Ms. Grant is also actively engaged at the Ingersoll Community Center. There, she has helped serve dinner to the children, who often remember her saying “small kids in the front, big kids in the back”. She also organized trips for them to places like the Mariah Carey camp upstate, and Washington DC. She finds joy in witnessing the children’s growth into young adults, who frequently express their gratitude for her warm and friendly presence. Ms. Grant is also in charge of bingo there, ensuring the seniors stay lively and connected to one another. 

Ms. Grant strongly cares about the safety of the neighborhood. She graduated from the Citizens Police Academy, was treasurer of PSA3 (Police Service Area 3) for over 30 years and counting, and was involved with tenant patrol. Even at the age of 83 and with health complications of two strokes and a heart attack, Ms. Grant continues to be involved with the community while taking care of her health, going to therapy twice a week. She encourages people who are also going through their own difficulties to do the same; to not give up and to keep going. She believes that an important part of the community is checking in on each other, something she does regularly with people in the neighborhood. 

Portrait by

Victor G. Thomas

“I am ambitious and driven. I'm always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness amongst my peers and community members. With this being said, why not direct all that creative Photographic energy into the neighborhood I call home. I believe documenting one's foundation will inspire new ideas, motivate the youth / elderly to take creative routes previously overlooked and preserve prominent neighborhood figures like Ms. Edna Grant for future generations to come.'

Text by

Annie Jiang

Annie Jiang is a rising Biology student at Bard College who became involved with this project through her internship at the Fort Greene Park Conservancy.

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