Fort Greene

Sheba Mills

Raised in Fort Greene beside her 3 children & 1 grandchild, Sheba is a mother figure to countless others. Pure hearted, genuine and down-to-earth, she goes the extra mile when assisting others. One of Sheba’s greatest community impacts is her involvement with children. Her daycare is a critical service to parents by allowing them to focus on their jobs while knowing that their children are in great hands. During the pandemic, her services played an even bigger role as she kept her daycare open for essential workers. Her knack for helping children began in 1994 when she volunteered for the PTA of the school that her oldest son attended. This created a domino effect to this day where she still participates in the growth & development of children in the neighborhood.

A jack of all trades, a college student and a true entrepreneur, Sheba owns a plethora of businesses while pursuing her degree in Early Childhood Education. Living up to her business name “TrillionWays2Party” she runs a party rental company, multiple bounce houses, catering business as well as her balloon services. A few other highlights of Sheba’s career consists of being a head counselor at the Navy Yard Boys & Girls club, a UFT member, a Para for District 75, Secretary for the North Elliott block association, Navy Yard board of directors and more. 

She also has a hand helping young adults start their own small businesses or if the entrepreneurial road isn’t for them she keeps them up to date with openings for good jobs. She continues to donate her efforts to help with fundraisers, and whatever event is for the community to bring the village together she is all hands on deck. Even with a busy schedule, Sheba is never too busy to give a helping hand or even a meal to those of the community. 

Portrait by

Carly Zavala

Carly Zavala is a freelance photographer based in Brooklyn. “I love photographing people and creating genuine portraits of them.”

Text by

Juquai McDuffie

Juquai McDuffie is a photographer from Fort Greene. ”I’ve been given the honor to write this biography about my mother Sheba Mills, and also have had the honor of photographing pasttCommunity Heroes. I also offer many different photography services including videography, drone photography and a 360 photo booth.”

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