Fort Greene

Eddisa Miranda “Ms. Eddie”

“I just want to make your life easier.”

“Everyone can help someone take one step forward.”

A mentor to the mentors and a mother to the children, Ms. Eddie helps lead a team of young people as they care for hundreds of children each month at the Ingersoll Community Center. 

What began as a volunteer job while she was unemployed so she could support the center that was blessing her son, transitioned naturally into a staff role at the center. Her heart to pour herself out for others stems from a father who she watched represent and fight for the seniors in his community for years.

Mrs. Eddie believes that listening and observing play a vital role in fruitful leadership, while caring means sometimes stepping back so others can step up and learn to solve their own problems.

She is the first face most families and kids see when they enter the center. Ms. Eddie does not want anyone to feel left out and She works to make sure everyone is cared for, heard and happy.  She cares deeply about the nutritional and educational needs of each child in her care, wanting each child that comes through their doors to “be massive” in all they do.  

An avid sneakerhead, Ms. Eddie works to put herself in other people’s shoes whether fellow staff, parents in the community or the kids in the program so she can better understand those she works with and works for. She believes that communities are stronger simply when people can see what’s already happening or maybe what’s needed and then offer to help.

Portrait by

Victor G Thomas

In his travels, he’s been in the craziest places and met the most interesting characters. What comforts him is knowing that, wherever life takes him, his roots are in Fort Greene and his family's legacy grounds him.

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