Fort Greene

Isabella Lee

Ms. Lee has been a resident for 45 years of the Walt Whitman Houses, and Tenant President for 14 years. Since the moment she moved in, she prioritized knowing what’s happening so she can make a difference for her community.

A woman who hates seeing her neighbors hungry or hurting, she is always trying to find ways to bring resources and support into to her community.From organizing toy and food drives, leading her seniors on bus trips, to serving at the monthly food pantry in the community, Isabella can’t stand being still for long and finds joy in working with and for others. 

Known by elected officials, leaders and business owners in the community, Ms. Lee is always eager to reach out, meet and know people so she can be a better spokesperson for her almost 4,000 residents. living at Whitman.  

Leading in a volunteer capacity leadership role as the Tenant President, Ms Lee believes that being a leader and bringing change doesn’t always have to include a paycheck. 

As she thinks about a life after her tenant association leadership, Isabella is regularly encourages the youth to step forward to take an interest in and leadership of their residence. Ms. Lee believes that leaders can’t lead with an attitude and that community heroes are people who learn to understand and have respect for others. Even in her older age, she believes and tells others not to be fazed by what people say you can’t do. 

Portrait by

Samantha Isom

Samantha Isom is an imagemaker in both photography and motion/film who works around the globe, and primarily based out of NYC. Raised by parents documenting every waking moment of her life, she soon followed suit.

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