Fort Greene

FSR Peace Fest

FSR Annual Peace Fest has been organized every Memorial Day in Fort Greene Park, rain or shine, for the last 28 years. The event is hosted by Miss Amoo (also known as Lady V) and the Family Support and Resources, Inc., a community-based organization. It promotes unity, peace, compassion, understanding and respect and encourages everyone to be an Ambassador of Peace. Miss Amoo also runs Family Support and Resources Inc which offers community classes on nutrition, stress reduction, caregiving, gardening, business empowerment and more. She also organizes the New York Got Talent showcase and the Lady V Show at the BRIC Media Center. 

“Peace Fest is a snapshot of how I believe life should be everyday, where the community can come out and have fun with each other. I’m thankful to Miss amoo for being the soldier who keeps this going for the past 30 years.” — Chanel Bascombe, Peace Fest volunteer (4 years) 

“We have an open mic where people from all different walks of life perform. This shuts down all stereotypes. Miss Amoo speaks to everyone and that day we are all family.” — Georgette Poe, volunteer (1 year) 

“When I first met Miss Amoo, Myrtle Ave was not like this. Because of her contribution 365 days of the year, I’ve seen it progress into the peaceful place she imagined.” — Pastor Linda Matthews, collaborator (21 years)

“People have dealt with adversity and pain throughout the year, and Peace Fest is a platform for a healing process.” — Patrick Metivier, volunteer 

“Peace Fest is a place to learn and a place to grow.” — Michelle Cook, volunteer 

Additional 2018 Peace Fest Planning Committee members: Malachi Spelman, Sally Ramos, Miss Ebony and Felix

Portrait by

Zoe L. Meeks

Zoe L. Meeks is a communication designer who is interested in placemaking as the relationship of people and place. She is from Jackson, Mississippi and just completed her Masters of Fine Arts at Pratt.

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