Fort Greene

Jamie Ramirez

Jamie Ramirez has been a committed Fort Greene Park volunteer for over 20 years. He started as a seasonal hire, but even when his term ended, he continued to return to clean the park. Jamie’s spot is the park bathroom and playground at Willoughby and St. Edwards. Like clockwork, he shows up every afternoon to clean and maintain these spaces. 

“Jamie is a hard working human being. Dedicated. Consistent. His presence and absence is felt. When he’s missing, you know he’s missing because the park is dirty. When he’s here, you know he’s here because the park is clean. It’s like his second home. He cleans it like he lives here.” — Samden Sherpa, NYC Parks seasonal supervisor

“We make sure Jamie’s space is his space.” — John, NYC Parks maintenance staff

“Humble, clean, private, passionate, dedicated. Every American should follow his path to make America complete.” — D, artist & mentor, Fort Greene resident 

“He’s an attentive person. He makes sure the playground is taken care of. The trash is picked up. The sprinklers are on. I think he just has a love for the park and he likes to keep busy.” — NYC Parks maintenance staff

Portrait by

Martina Tuaty

Martina Tuaty is a Brooklyn-based photographer, and a recent graduate of the BFA Photography program at Pratt Institute. Originally born in Florence, Italy and moving to Miami, Florida at a young age, her work focuses on the diversity of the cultures and people she encounters.

Headshot courtesy of

Samden Sherpa

Samden Sherpa is seasonal supervisor for NYC Parks since 2012. He is an explorer of everything, from food to adventure. He has been working as a seasonal supervisor for NYC Parks since 2012.

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