Fort Greene

Greene Avenue, as told by Ms. Patton and Ms. Vital

The quality of life on Greene Avenue has changed drastically since the ‘70s. The crime rate was at its highest along with drug violence, shootings, and robberies. “It was rough,” said Ms. Patton, “I remember they broke in here twice.” There were a ton of vacant houses on Greene Avenue, filled with squatters. Now the neighborhood has transformed into a ever-growing community mixed with historic residents and newcomers. Since urban renewal began in the late ‘80s and early 90s, there has been a better sense of community amongst the residents on Greene Avenue. The ever-evolving sense of community changes the experiences for folks who live on this block and those who are passing through.

Quotes by Ms. Patton:

“There used to be no trees on the block, around 1995 trees were planted and the residents had the options of different types of trees.”

“When I bought the house there were 13 people living in it. Now it’s a two family house.”

Quotes by Ms. Vital:

“Living in a Brownstone is an ongoing restoration process. The residents are preserving a multigenerational home.”

Portrait by

Elektra Babian

Elektra Babian is a photographer born and raised in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Fort Greene has always been dear to me. As a kid roaming the streets the community always felt like home.

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