Fort Greene

Michael Thompson

Thompson opened Brooklyn Moon in 1993, with the simple desire to open a bakery in Fort Greene. Today it has grown into an institution and inspiration for the community. 

Moving to Fort Greene in 1990 to open a space to bake and exude his energy, Michael found a neighborhood craving a space for gathering.  Brooklyn Moon has gradually and beautifully transitioned into a restaurant, gallery for a burgeoning artist community and space for open mics where as Thompson describes, people can spill their guts.  

An artist and deep thinker, Michael has worked hard to design the space, menu, and drinks to create an atmosphere for people to visit, belong, spend time together and celebrate important moments in community. Well versed in what the neighborhood was and is becoming, Michael has become an example, voice and encouragement to young black entrepreneurs in starting and sustaining a dream and vision.

Thompson loves Fort Greene, the architecture, the beautiful people, energy and the potential and continues to marvel at the privilege of using Brooklyn Moon to help people find a space to come and to belong. 

In this ever changing neighborhood as one person who nominated Thompson said of him, “These folks keep art, fashion, and old-style culture alive in our neighborhood.” 

Portrait by

Kevin Kim

Kevin Kim is a photographer who is a 10-minute bike ride from the oasis that is Fort Greene Park.

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