Fort Greene

Nancy Ramos

With a heart to always be where she can be helpful, Nancy lives a life seeking to connect people to resources, opportunities and to each other. Nancy worked her way up from a data entry role through decades working as a public servant with the city, state and federal government. Through her work, she has constantly sought to use what’s been entrusted to her to lift and build others up, while constantly staying available to her community.  Inspired by her father’s life of selfless love, and now as a single mom, Nancy takes to heart her responsibility of being a role model for her daughter and her community. 

As a woman of faith, her beliefs inspire her to live a life beyond herself and motivate her to serve and bless those around her. Nancy loves the diversity of Fort Greene and works hard to make sure that particularly the young and old, can see, hear and learn from each other. 

Currently, as the director of public affairs for a community hospital, Mrs. Ramos advocates for access to excellent, neighborhood-based healthcare, leveraging her years of relationships with public officials for the good of the hospital and her community.

Portrait by

Ari Barnett

Ari Barnett is a Brooklyn-based photographer that works to understand the intimate connections that individuals hold with nature. The sense of community in my neighborhood (Bed-Stuy) is perpetuated through intergenerational friendships with neighbors and strangers alike, that allow wisdom and knowledge to flow like water.

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