Fort Greene

Vincent Carolina

A husband, father and mentor, Vincent Carolina has been training and coaching basketball teams in Fort Greene for more than 32 years.  Mr. C lives life believing that “he’s not better than anybody and can learn from everybody,” and it’s this attitude that endears him to so many in the community.

Content to work quietly behind-the-scenes with students that others may think are troubled, Vincent is not willing to write off anyone. His passion is to help students know their potential and the importance of a good education, respect and hard work. He strives to make space for the youth to express themselves, believing that students need to be seen and heard so they can be helped and help others.  It is this humble heart to learn, listen, and care for the students that keeps him going and keeps the youth coming to him.  Vincent, his wife and their family regularly open their homes, their wallets and their lives to the community. Many of his students have gone on to coach and mentor wanting to pass along the care that Vincent poured into them. 

Portrait by

Lauren Crothers

Lauren Crothers is an Irish/Australian reporter and photojournalist now living in Fort Greene after seven years based in Cambodia. Her work focuses on human rights, marginalized communities and other social issues.

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