Fort Greene

Sadiq L. Bellamy

DJ Leonardo “Sadiq” Bellamy moved from the Lower East Side to Fort Greene in the early 90’s with the hopes of bringing with him the street parties he had helped build there, while also encouraging the black cultural renaissance happening in Brooklyn. 

The result was Soul Summit, which has become a staple of Fort Greene Park’s rich cultural history. 

This party grew to become not only a celebration of music but also a gathering for the community, as neighbors, public advocates, the community board and elected officials fought for its preservation and development over the years. 

Because of Sadiq’s desire to work with and in the community, the party welcomes a diverse group of artists including DJs, dancers, local bands, photographers and fashion designers across NYC, and all around the world. 

Soul Summit is a place where new and old residents can come dance, party and celebrate in Fort Greene Park together. 

Soul Summit takes place on Sunday afternoons in the summer.

Portrait by

Charles Merritt Jr

Charles Merritt Jr is an artist whose work has a purpose and a look behind it whether it’s creative, fashionable or expressive. His parents moved from Barbados to America in their early 20s and he has lived in Brooklyn his whole life.

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