Fort Greene

Tracy Dickerson

Initially, through a desire to simply provide a fun, educational and safe space for her daughter, led Tracy Dickerson to start a cheerleading team. 25 years later, this has become her passion and calling, and she has become a pillar in the Farragut/Fort Greene community. Mrs. Dickerson voluntarily leads the cheerleading team at P.S. 307 and Satellite West. They are known as The Diamonds, and are no longer just a local cheer team, but one that has represents Brooklyn and the Farragut Houses around the city and country. 

In addition to practicing physical fitness, Tracy also teaches the girls leadership, how to love themselves and their community, and provides opportunities for them to travel to new places. Many of the girls on the teams have gone on to attend and graduate college, and some have returned to support Mrs. Dickerson and the team as support coaches, eager to stay connected to Tracy and her beautiful work. 

Continuing to be inspired by the smiles on the girls faces as they learn and grow in confidence in their talents and abilities, Tracy selflessly pours into this team of girls that helps bring the community together.

Portrait by

Erin Lefevre

Erin Lefevre is a native New Yorker and documentary photographer whose work focuses on telling the stories of under-represented individuals and communities. Although born and raised in Hell's Kitchen, Erin spent much of her youth in the Fort Greene area and is happy to call Brooklyn her home in adulthood.

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