Fort Greene

Sharon Robinson

1959 - 2018

Tapped on the shoulder to take the baton,  Sharon Robinson (1959 – 2018) gladly accepted the charge for organizing the annual Clinton Hill Block party for more than 10 years. Along with her committee, she helped put together this party that prioritizes the children of the community as a way to bring people together, to know their neighbors, meet elected officials and support local businesses.  

Friends and neighbors described Mrs Robinson as the epitome of a leader, an awesome bridge builder and a positive person in all that she did. Believing it takes a village to raise a child and organize a party, Sharon was always eager to draw others in to making the block party bigger and better, learning from those who have gone before her and seeking to pass on the blessings to the future generations of the Clinton Hill Co-op.  Inspired by a husband, whose blindness doesn’t hinder his many talents, Mrs Robinson was always looking to do things that can make a difference in the life of others.  In a changing community, and having come from a diverse family background, Sharon believed the block party could be a space where strangers became friends and the community could celebrate it’s beautiful diversity.

Sharon Robinson passed away August 7, 2018 just days after doing what she loved, leading the block party.

Text by

Melanie Rieders

Melanie Rieders is a photographer and journalist who enjoys documenting the ways people express themselves through their food, space, and culture. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Melanie now calls Park Slope her home. She enjoys exploring Fort Greene by spending time with my friends at the park and watching films at BAM.

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