Fort Greene

Althea Gaskin-Feurich

As an artist and a fashion designer, Althea Gaskin-Feurich has been sewing for a long time. Desiring to find something new to do with her talents, Althea volunteered to teach a few free craft programs at the Clinton Hill library two years ago. The programs became so popular that they became a weekly staple. 

 She leads the group in a projects from embroidering tea towels to quilting. The group auctioned off their first quilt to help raise money for the library. Additionally, Althea takes the group on field trips across the city such as Wave Hill, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and the Garment District. 

This class has also created a much-needed space for older adults at the library. Though many students knew each from the neighborhood, this class has fostered friendships and community. Every week after class, the students walk home as one big caravan. When Althea had a pop-up shop a few months ago, a student insisted on driving her because they are very encouraging of her work. Every fall, she hosts a craft and tea for her students at her home. Althea calls her students her “adopted aunts.”

Background quilt created by Craft Circle student Ernestina Mongerie.

The Creative Craft Circle is held every Wednesday evening at the Clinton Hill Library. For more information, please visit

Portrait by

Anders Jones

Elektra Babian is a photographer born and raised in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Fort Greene has always been dear to me. As a kid roaming the streets the community always felt like home.

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