Fort Greene

Ysolde Steinon

Ysolde is a 23-year-old aspiring artist and inquisitive learner living in Fort Greene. Though she has Retts syndrome, a neurological disorder that makes using her hands, walking and speech difficult, this doesn’t stop her voracious desire to learn and try new things. Ysolde regularly participates in a wide variety of activities in the neighborhood, including book clubs, media, acting, art and yoga classes. In doing so, she inspires so many to not be afraid to try and experience new things. In and through these experiences, her heart is to advocate for diversity in the neighborhood; that people of all ages and abilities, might be seen and celebrated.  

Through her participation in the variety of community events, she also loves to meet new people and help them find their potential.  In spite of her largely nonverbal modes of communication, she is constantly finding and learning new ways to express herself, including a wit and sense of humor that make those around her smile.  

Ysolde was nominated by her care workers who are consistently inspired by her. In spite of everyday activities being ever challenging, her persistence and fearlessness does stop her from continuing to do the things she loves. 

Portrait by

Kristin Reimer

Kristin Reimer is the founder of Photomuse, a fine-art & documentary style portrait studio based in Brooklyn. Kristin specializes in fantastical transformations and helping others breathe life to the strength & magic they possess. After graduating from Pratt Institute, Kristin didn't stray far and continues to live and shoot in the Fort Greene area.

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