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Wilma Maynard

Wilma E. Maynard, a lifelong resident of Bedford-Stuyvesant, is a woman of many accomplishments and contributions to her community. It started when her daughter entered PS 93. Ms. Maynard volunteered to serve as PTA President although this was her first experience  as a school parent. Attending meetings and workshops developed her knowledge and began the path of several decades of community service and advocacy while serving on several community boards.


During her tenure as PTA president, two children attending the school were tragically killed by a vehicle at Marcy Avenue and Fulton Street. She organized parents and teachers who demonstrated at the site for several days. Due to her persistence and determination, some of her awesome characteristics, a traffic light was installed at this intersection. From then on, Ms. Maynard “realized that nothing would get resolved, if she and others did not speak up and speak out”.

“A leader who thinks they can do everything all the time is not a leader. You have to be a follower to some degree to be a leader.”  Ms. Maynard is the type of person who is not afraid to ask for help or support. Throughout her time, she has experienced some disappointments but was never deterred from her mission to help others. 


In 2017, concerned about the local playground’s physical condition and the lack of funding for renovations Ms. Maynard and others formed the FOSAP “Friends of St. Andrews Playground.” Many persons are now advocating for the playground.


“You have to know when it’s time to step back.” After a long joyride of making a difference Ms. Maynard is satisfied with her contributions to her Bedford-Stuyvesant community and others. When one looks at her portfolio, they’ll be able to say “wow.” Though she appreciates all the recognitions she has received over the years, those weren’t her intentions, she is more proud of her ability to help others. She wanted to make an impact and that’s exactly what she did. 


Ms. Maynard credits her husband and two sisters for  supporting her many community activities by helping with her five children and attending meetings with her.


Ms. Wilma E Maynard has retired from some leadership positions but still stays involved through zoom and personal contacts. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of her Church, Block Association, and the Family Health Center. 

Portrait by

Abigail Ekue

Abigail Ekue is a photographer, curator, author and native New Yorker focusing on gender, representation and body neutrality. Her work has been published in numerous international outlets and exhibited in the Museum of the City of New York, Erotic Heritage Museum and Musée du Louvre. Abigail also leads private excursions and photo walks for travelers throughout the city.

Text by

Aniya Maldonado

Aniya Maldonado loves to dance. “I found out about this project from the Founder of Bailey's Cafe and I've lived in Bed Stuy for my entire life.”

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