Bed Stuy

Juanita DeJesus

Juanita DeJesus radiates warmth and love. 

She speaks of the urgency and use of respect to lead our relationships. 

She practices looking beyond the obstacles we face and honors the entirety of our tapestry. 

She speaks of removing barriers in order to build stronger bonds in communities. 

She practices exchanging resources and staying attuned with neighborhoods. 

She speaks of learning, constant growth, support, and family. 

She practices attentive listening.

A woman of faith 

A Mother 

And a Poet. 


Juanita is the essence of the song “People Make the World Go Round”. 

What she stands for is a reminder that we are the movers and shakers.

And despite the ebbs and flows of life small actions can create big waves. 

Beginning as a caseworker 7 years ago as a part of a small staff, Jaunita meticulously developed the structure at Kingston Family Residence, a temporary housing facility where they secure better housing for women with children. Now she is a Director who motivates her community to exercise empathy and compassion as basic instruments to keep healthy and open communications and understanding. It brings Juanita joy when families are moved out, and into beautiful homes. She in fact celebrates each one (win) with the sound of joyful bells. Even in the midst of this pandemic her numbers are increasing giving space to families in need more than ever. This, she says, pushes her to continue this work that is not easy but pivotal for the enrichment of our communities and lives as a whole.

Portrait by

Anjelic Owens

Anjelic Owens (b.1994) is a visual artist and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. With community as a focal point, she uses image, sound, and found objects in her practice. Although a new resident of BedStuy, she seeks to learn from its social fabric and the legacy it has maintained

Text by

Jendayi McGeachy

Energetic creative that finds joy expressing what she sees using multiple art forms.

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