Fort Greene

Greg Vitale & Lou Motola

The minor things in life can be meaningful, and Lou and Greg prove this pleasure through food. Both Greg and Lou have vital roles in The Brooklyn Hospital Center cafeteria and the satisfaction of their patients. As the Director of Food and Nutrition, Greg operates a team of dieticians, ensuring that all his patients receive their respective diets. He manages the catering of the Hospital, providing a menu for all ages in the community. Lou is the Retail Manager of the Cafeteria, and he is responsible for the staff members, manages the cafeteria items, and oversees patient services. Both Lou and Greg have exceptional time management skills to keep the operation constantly flowing within the Hospital.

The pandemic has caused distress in Lou and Greg’s workforce, where they lost a beloved chef and suffered from a shortage of staff members and supplies. “It was hard in the beginning keeping the operation afloat,” said Greg, “There were issues with the disposable items we use for the patients. Instead of using a styrofoam tray, we took small pizza boxes and removed the top off to use as a tray.” Greg and Lou used their problem-solving abilities to tackle situations like these. Both Greg and Lou prioritized communication with their patients. “Be a good listener and try to accommodate their specific needs,” said Lou, “we had a patient who simply wanted a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers on his tray. Sometimes little things like that make the entire experience for a patient better.” 

Portrait by

Loryne Atoui

Loryne Atoui is a street and portrait photographer from Lebanon with an eye for capturing candid moments. Having lived in Brooklyn for the past three years, she’s seen Fort Greene Park in all its seasons but still can’t decide which is her favorite. (Headshot by Angela James).

Text by

Noshaabah Murad

Noshaabah Murad is currently a student seeking to learn more about the members of our community. As I interact with the people in our community, I grow as a person.

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